Spring Detox

For thousands of years Ayurveda has been studying how to align our body and mind with each season and this time of the year calls for a Spring cleanse.

The wintertime invited us to stay inside, rest and eat more than usual. During this period, we accumulate Kapha in our body, which results in water retention, overweight and mucus in our lungs, making us slower, heavier, introverted and melancholic.

Why Detox?

Spring comes and with it, nature flourises. The rising temperature makes Kapha begin to melt, and we need to remove the accumulated water and mucus. We need to incorporate habits that will balance our doshas, helping Kapha flow without generating congestion and allergies. 

Stress, irregularity in our meals, eating too much, eating when not hungry, snacking and eating processed foods produce toxins in our bodies and our tissues. 

The accumulation of toxins create symptoms like: fatigue, anxiety, fear, stress, constipation, bloating, gas, allergies, depression and muscle pain.


More info...

  • 10 day Detox Plan: a complete and beautiful e-book with all the recipes and routines 
  • Class via Zoom: Introduction to Ayurveda, Doshas, The Seasons, Rhythms, Food for Spring, Use of spices and herbs, daily routines…..
  • Recorded Yoga Class
  • Recorded Pranayama Class
  • Daily follow-up via WhatsApp
  • Q&A via zoom after 7-10 day



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