Easy Cashew Cheese

For those moving towards a plant-based diet or just interested in packing the fridge with healthy simple choices, cashew cheese is a must have. It’s easy to make cashew cheese at home, similar to making hummus, and it can go into your bowls, salads, pasta, or as a dip. Sweet and heavy, crunchy and creamy, […]

4 Ways to Turmeric

I’ve already spoken about the virtues of turmeric – a powerful healing herb, believed to act as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. From an ayurvedic perspective, you need to incorporate all six tastes into each meal. Using turmeric will help you with three out of the six—pungent, bitter, and astringent. Now, here go 4 simples […]

Mung Soup

The astringent taste of mung beans helps tone your digestive organs, restore your digestive fire (agni) and they can even help you restore your bowel movements. Here’s an easy mung soup recipe for you, enjoy it any day, its perfect for a light dinner or even lunch, and even when you are not feeling very […]